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Monday, February 23, 2009

childrens health and kale chips

Hi there how are you all?Lots of changes going on here.We are moving at the end of the week for starters.Not far away though,but at least out of this neighborhood and school system.The kids have undergone so much stress in the schools over here.It is just more of a troubled neighborhood.Last post I mentioned a little about some of the challenges that we have been facing with Bubba and have had more tests done and a little more direction on what to do.God has been good at leading us to answers as the medical doctors said they cant help him because he has both tourettes syndrome and ADHD and the medicines for those are opposing.But that is the good thing about natural things.The natural medicines that help one condition also greatly help the other.God was so good when He created the plants and such for us to use for our health.Everything was created with balance and harmony in mind.If anyone else is struggling with some of these things than I hope my journey with my son can be an inspiration.The other thing that we found out is that he has a genetic iron deficiency which causes restless legs syndrome and also decrease his dopamine levels.Guess what low dopamine does?Causes hyperactivity,go figure.Anyway the first thing we did is get him on a chelated iron with vitamin c and herbal co factors for optimal absorption.Then we started pedi-active which is designed to build up the nuerotransmitters in the brain and helps control the tics and the adhd.We are also giving him the cultered vegetables and coconut water kefir,parsley and greens daily as these probiotic rich foods kill fungus ehich is a known cause of nuetrological problems in children.Also fermentation increases the mineral content and b-vitamins and b-12 in foods.The parsley and greens and greens are naturally high in iron.We are also growing and juicing wheat and buckwheat grasses.The kids love them in juice and I have so much more energy too.It has been two weeks and we are definately seeing improvements.No more vocal tics and the physical jerking and twitching is greatly reduced.The hyperactivity has gotten better as well.Sleep is very important so we were told to give him an herbal sleep blend with valerian and melatonin.Yes it is safe for kids.His stress is still pretty high so our naturopath recommende chamomile flower essence and rescue remedy bach flower essence.We still have to get that and if the pedi-active doesn't seem to be enough there is a wonderful product for panic attacks ,tourettes and hyperactivity called BRIGHT SPARK that I have had him tested for and tested great.I am very fortunate to have a machine where I can test everything against someone to see how good it would be for them and have also had acourse in kinesiology as well.I don't believe in guess work because everybody is different and what works for one may not for another.God has been guiding us in these fustrations and we feel we are on the right track.Anytime you are dealing with something chronic you have to take a holistic approach and treat the whole person.Diet is extremely important.Managing stress is very important as well,so we have been doing yoga and tai chi with the kids to help them focus and relax.It also teaches good breathing patterns as stress usually creates shallow breathing.We have been reading along with their bible story a chapter nightly out of Stormie Omartians book Power of a Praying kid,and teaching them to speak scripture over themselves.If kids can learn at a young age the power of Gods word as a means to fight off negativity and stresses the enemy sends our way,how much better their life will be.I wish I would have known those principals sooner as they were instramental in getting rid of my panic attacks.Better late than never.We are always going to be learning.Now for the kale and /or spinach chips.As I have said before we need more greens in our diet.Ideally we should be eating about 45% daily.What better way to get it than by a delicious chip.There are variations on how to make it but we like the cheesy ones.The cheese is actually nutritional yeast and you would be shocked at how like cheese it tastes not to mention it is loaded with b-vitamins and minerals,AND NO IT DOES NOT CAUSE CANDIDA.This kind of yeast is very good for us,even better than brewers yeast.Now for the recipe.
I take two heads of kale or two bags of spinach[if you are new to greens start with the
put in a big mixing bowl and drizzle with olive oil,[they get crunchier if you use a little more olive oil]
sprinle with sea salt,garlic powder,onion powder,AND a few sprinles of vinegar
You can put a little soy sauce or tamari if you like and sprinle with the nutritional yeast.I go kind of heavy on that as it tastes sooo good.After it is thoroughly mixed and tastes good to you then put it in a food dehydator or you can put it on a cookie sheet and bake on the lowest setting.Let go till nice and crispy.These are a tasty and low cal way to get those chip cravings under control and kids love them.Hope you like it and God bless you all


photomama said...

I love kale so I think i would like the kale chips better. I will have to taste it some time.

~pixx said...

Kale chips are awesome!!

Congrats on finding some things that are working well for your son. I am sure it's quite frustrating.