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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homemade skin care and therapuetic baths plus an easy way to make your own nut butters

H i and how are you?Pretty good here.We have definately been going through a bit of stressors but I know God is faithful to supply all our needs.He can be trusted to be faithful and that is where my trust lies.I can't believe that we are halfway through the school year already .We are thinking of homeschooling next year because of some concerns we have but I am a little nervous about it too.If ther is anybody out there that has a good system I would love to hear from you.Well I am sure we are not the only ones having some financial issues right now so I thought today I would share some of the things that work for me to supplement a beauty routine that won't break the bank.Guess what?They actually work better than most of the expensive things I have used before.Sometimes I think God allows us to be broke so we learn to be creative with our recources and also more self-sufficient.I value all the things I have learned how to do due to necessity.It saves us a lot of money and is healthier for us not to mention better for the environmrent.God made us caretakers of the environment and unwittingly we have been letting Him down.It is time to be more concious of the way we live.Also we can leave a legacy for our children of having healthier lives and a cleaner world.Anyway here are a few reciopes I have ccome up with after reading up on natural skin treatments that really help me.One of the things I deal with is large pores,so I read that baking soda and also vinegar were good for that.I elaborated on the basics to also help with moisturizing the skin without causing acne and added a few balancing essential oils to the mix.My basic facial cleansing scrub recipe is
2 TBSP BAKING SODA,2 TBSP SUGAR[ANY KIND]and ENOUGH GLYCERINE OR HONEY TO MAKE A PASTE.I then add 4 drops tea tree oil[prevents acne]6 drops geranium oil,and 6 drops lavendar oil[these two are balancing for the skin]mix together and use a small bit to cleanse your skin once or twice a day.Even with out the oils it works great.For a follow up toner recipe I USE
EQUAL PARTS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND WITCH HAZEL OR ROSE WATER [you can add essential oils to this but it is really not necessary if you don't have them]
Now if it is evening you want a heavier moisturizer and coconut oil is very good as even oily skin does well with this.If your skin is really oily mix castor oil with it as that helps cut the oil while still moisterizing.I also use wheat germ oil sometimes as this is really high in vitamin E.During the day when you want something lighter just get one of those 96 cents vitamin E sticks and smooth that on in your dry areas.It works great and is cheap.I hope these suggestions help.Now for a few medicinal bath recipes.Do not combine any of these recipes.these arefor detoxing purposes as written by Anne Louise Gittleman.
To help detox from radiation exposure from exrays,air travel,etc,
Run a tub to the hottest water you can stand.Dissolve 1 poundof baking soda in water, and begin to soak.Sip a glass of warm water mixed with1/2 tsp sea salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda.Get out of the bath when the water is cool.Don't shower for at least4 hours.
To help detox from metal poisoning from aluminum cookware ,amalgams,antacids,or from carbon monoxide in heavy traffic and pesticides exposure
Run tub with hottest water you can stand.Pour 1 cup of clorox bleach[it has to be clorox ONLY] in the water and soak.Get out when water is cool.Don't shower for at least 4 hours.
To help detox from irradiated food andfoodborne bacteria,including salmonella and E coli
Run tub with water as hot as you can manage.Pour in 2 pounds of baking soda.Sip a glass of warm water mixed with 1/2 tsp of baking soda.Get out of bath when cool.
FORMULA 4[the last one]
To help build immunity by raising your body,s acidity which makes you less hospitable for bacteria and viruses,good for preventing illnesses
Run atub with hottest water you can stand.Pour in 2 cups apple cider vinegar.Sip a glass of warm water mixed with1 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar.Get out of the bath when cool
Well these are just a few of the ways we can detox and be healthy using very inexopensive things.God gave us every thing in nature to be well.Last but not least I want to share a technique I came across for making nut butters easily if you don't have a high powered blender.You will need a coffee grinder though but you can get those for like 10 bucks.First grind your nuts to a powder in the coffee grinder and then put in your blender .Add either safflower oil,grapeseed oil or warm coconut oil and a little honey or agave nectar.I doesn't take much.Then simply pulse till it gets creamy.You can even add some flaxmeal to your nut butter to add some extra benefits to it.Sunflower seeds are good in as a nut butter and are inexpensive and highly nutritious and don't contain fungus like peanuts.Cashews are a good choice for mood because they contain good amounts of tryptophan and almond are a powerhouse of magesium and are also a good relaxer.I NUT BUTTER TRUFFLES OUT OF THESE AND GIVE THE KIDS A FEW BEFORE BED TO HELP THEM SLEEP AND KEEP THEIR BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS STEADY. I hope you have enjoyed these suggestions and that you can feel hopeful that even if money is tight you can still stay beautiful and healthy.I will have more posts like this in the near future as I feel in todays economy we need to be as self sufficient as possible.God bless

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